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Enjoy a recap of our Bomnin Volvo Groundbreaking Ceremony!

Enjoy a recap of our Bomnin Volvo Groundbreaking Ceremony!
Located on 8523 S Dixie Hwy, our new remodeled location is coming soon, including state-of-the-art facilities.
We are so thankful for the opportunity to better serve our community as we know you have high expectations, we enjoy the challenge of meeting and exceeding those standards each and every time. The Bomnin Volvo team is looking forward to continue delivering excellence, stay tuned for updates!

Miami’s Bomnin Chevrolet Locations Become #1, #2 for General Motors Sales Worldwide, Bomnin Volvo Earns #1 for Volvo in USA

Bomnin Chevrolet West Kendall and Bomnin Chevrolet Dadeland sit only eight miles apart, but were able to become the two highest volume Chevrolet stores in the World during 2021, an outstanding achievement considering South Florida had previously been a predominantly import and luxury market.  
In Bomnin Volvo's first full year in business, the team delivered 1,760 new Volvos during 2021, ranking as the #1 Volvo dealer in the Nation nearly every month. Bomnin Volvo sold more than 17 percent more new Volvos during 2021 than the nation's second leading Volvo dealer.

"This was truly a team achievement. Our team's hard work, dedication, conviction, and 'Commitment to Excellence' culminated in these remarkable accomplishments," said Arnaldo Bomnin, Bomnin Automotive Group's founder and CEO. "I cannot think of a better way to express my gratitude than to thank my team from the bottom of my heart and say, 'All the Glory to God.' I am humbled and grateful for what we were able to accomplish during a year of supply chain and pandemic-related uncertainty and am looking forward to what the future has in store for the Bomnin Auto Team."

In addition to being known as one of the top vehicle retailers in America, Bomnin Automotive Group is also known locally in south Florida for giving back to the community, recently hosting a Thanksgiving turkey giveaway, as well as partnering with Miami-Dade County Police for a Christmas Toy giveaway.  

"While we are overjoyed to announce these incredible accomplishments, we would like to thank you, the community, for choosing us as your preferred Chevrolet and Volvo dealerships," said Bomnin. "We sell cars, but our passion is giving back to the community."



Arnaldo Bomnin: Su historia de éxito

MIAMI, FL - Bomnin Automotive Group, uno de los grupos automotrices más grandes y de más rápido crecimiento en el sur de Florida, una vez más hizo honor a su eslogan "Comprometidos con la Excelencia" ya que tres concesionarios Bomnin fueron nombrados los más grandes del país en 2021.

#1 Chevrolet Dealership in America

We are proud to announce Bomnin Chevrolet Dadeland finished 2021 as the #2 Chevrolet Dealer in Nation, and our sister store, Bomnin Chevrolet West Kendall, finished #1 in the Nation! Outselling 3,047 other Chevrolet dealers would be impossible without the support of our community, customers, and associates. We welcome you to visit one of our convenient locations to experience the Bomnin Difference, and THANK YOU for making us your Chevrolet dealership of choice!

Despite crisis, Miami dealer increased advertising to keep up sales

In the 1990s, Arnaldo Bomnin was selling lobsters out of the back of a truck. Today, he's selling more Chevrolets than any other dealership in the U.S.
Bomnin, who fled Cuba after earning a medical degree and trading his dream of becoming a doctor for a career as a car dealer, got to No. 1 in the midst of a pandemic the same way he has approached everything in life: "You always need to be different to succeed," he said.

In early April, when many U.S. dealerships shut down to comply with government orders or voluntarily reduced hours, Bomnin, 49, told his employees that - other than implementing additional safety procedures - they would stay business as usual and spend more on advertising as competitors cut back.
"In the last two months, we have spent more money on TV ads than we have spent in the last 10 years," he told Automotive News. "I knew people would be at home. I knew that people would be watching TV."

Bomnin has three General Motors dealerships near Miami and one near Washington, D.C. His two biggest Miami stores, just 8 miles apart, rank first and third nationally in Chevy sales this year through May. Each has experienced less than a 10 percent decline year-to-date in a market forecast to be down at least double that.
If inventory wasn't strained because of GM's two-month production shutdown and he could count sales of loaner vehicles toward the stores' volume, they would rank first and second, Bomnin said.

In the second half of March, two of Bomnin's stores went from being on track for a record month to having their worst two weeks in the last decade. "The feeling was like a train impacting a concrete wall," he said.
Starting April 4, as the coronavirus continued to sweep through the country, Bomnin limited all of his showrooms to 10 employees and shortened their hours, with most staffers working every few days.
But he couldn't sleep that weekend because he felt he was "getting on the same train" as everyone else. So Bomnin asked his leadership team what they would want to tell future generations they did during the pandemic. Most wanted to be able to say they worked harder than ever to provide for their family, he recalled.
Finding a way forward
The idea resonated with Bomnin, who after arriving in Florida worked in landscaping, made boxes for avocados for $5 per hour and sold lobsters to earn enough money to bring his family to the U.S. So he called all willing employees back to work with safety measures in place.
"When you are responsible for 525 families, you cannot focus on the negative," he said. "You need to focus on solutions and opportunities so we can all succeed."
Most common areas within the showrooms remain closed, and customers and employees must wear masks and maintain social distancing.

Sales improved each week in April. New-vehicle sales were down 25 percent for the month, compared with an estimated 50 percent drop across the industry, according to the Automotive News Data Center.
While Bomnin's extra TV advertising promoted the big discounts GM was offering, his dealerships posted videos about health and safety on social media.

Bomnin Auto Group ranked No. 88 on Automotive News' 2019 list of the top 150 dealership groups in the U.S.
His wife, brother and father now help him run the Miami-area stores. And two sons of the cousin who hired Bomnin at the Nissan store are his business partners at the Manassas dealership.


AutoSuccess/Dealer Insider with Arnaldo Bomnin

AutoSuccess is honored to welcome Arnaldo Bomnin, Dealer Principal of Bomnin Automotive Group, as the most recent Dealer Insider guest.
Arnaldo has a great success story in automotive industry. In the interview, he gives viewers his inspiring background story and tells us how he got to where he is now - the #1 Dealer in the nation.


Bomnin Chevrolet has received the honor of ranking #1 and #2 in the United States among all Chevy dealerships based on 2020 sales year to date. Bomnin Chevrolet Dadeland (#1) and Bomnin Chevrolet West Kendall (#2) sold the most Chevrolets of all the 3,049 Chevy dealers in the USA during the first four months of 2020.

What makes the statistic even more remarkable is that the two dealerships are located just a little over eight miles from each other.


Arnaldo Bomnin celebrated the grand opening of his company's first Chevrolet and Cadillac dealership in Homestead, Florida by giving away more than $250,000 in one night to the community. During the celebration, dealership team members, community members and special guests gathered to enjoy music, food and entertainment, all while checking out the newest Bomnin dealership. The event was highlighted by a series of charity check presentations, which included:

  • $125,000 to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital
  • $55,000 to the Rotary Club of Homestead
  • $50,000 to the Police Officer Assistance Trust
  • $15,000 to the Military Affairs Committee

"There's a quote on the the wall of our new dealership - we sell cars, but our passion is giving back to the community. This is at the core of everything we do at Bomnin Chevrolet," said Arnaldo Bomnin, owner of Bomnin Chevrolet. "I grew up in a farming community similar to Homestead. I love it here. Our plan is to grow our support of the community and I couldn't be more thankful for the warm reception we've been shown, so far."

The night's festivities reached an emotional crescendo with the presentation of a new 2019 Chevrolet Equinox as a gift to a local family in need. Eva Martinez and her family, whose 15-year-old son suffers from a rare genetic metabolic disorder called GA1, were invited to the event and surprised with the brand-new car.

"The generosity Bomnin Chevrolet has shown us is beyond my expectation. I had initially sent a letter to them asking for a discount. To give me a brand new, reliable car that allows me to provide for my family is amazing," said Eva Martinez.

Bomnin Chevrolet Homestead is located at 1075 Southeast Sixth Avenue and was formerly Keith Pierson Chevrolet Superstore. Through the purchase of the dealership, Bomnin Chevrolet expects to bring over 100 new jobs to the area. Currently the company employs over 550 team across its four locations.

The new Bomnin Cadillac Chevrolet Homestead dealership is expected to contribute to Bomnin Chevrolet's ongoing success and offer residents access to the award-winning inventory and services. "We have been the largest Chevy dealer to the Homestead area, and we can now better serve that community by being conveniently close by for sales and service," said Bomnin.

Click below to go to the article on Miami's Community Newspapers.


Arnaldo Bomnin came to the US by himself from Cuba at the age of 25 in 1996. In just 25 years, he has fulfilled the American dream. Through ambition, intelligence and hard work he is now a very successful auto magnate, owner of five car dealerships employing 525 associates.

And this weekend, Bomnin will be holding the official grand opening of their newest dealership here in Homestead. Bomnin Chevrolet Homestead will cut the ribbon at the store located at 1075 SE 6th Ave, Homestead (the former Keith Pierson Chevrolet).

Bomnin came to the states as a medical doctor, but was not licensed in the US. His first job was in an avocado warehouse here in Homestead. With a small loan from his uncle, he bought landscaping equipment. But then he needed transportation. He was convinced to buy a van from an acquaintance, but it came with a seafood business. The first week they drove together to Key West, purchasing 500 lbs. of lobster which they brought back to Perrine and sold immediately to area restaurants for a $1 per lb. profit. The next week, on his own, he purchased 300 lbs of lobsters. Expecting to sell them right away, he realized it was a scam and none of the restaurants would buy from him. He had to do something, so he started to sell them along US1 and to many of the auto dealerships in the area. That was his first experience with the auto industry.

After the van broke down, he asked for a job at South Motors Nissan, as a porter. But no, they put him in sales, even though he had no conversational English. He had everything translated on paper and would read it to his new customers.

He sold cars by day and attended Miami Dade College at night so that he could learn English.

When the dealership was sold in 1999, he thought he would use his savings and go back to school for his US medical credentials. But the new owners, Auto Nation, wanted him to come back. It was then that he decided to make the car business his career. He was able to use his savings to bring his family to the US from Cuba.

He worked his way up from sales to sales manager, general sales manager, and then in 2006 as general manager of Auto Nation Chevrolet Doral. His younger brother, Isidro, was also seeing success working in the car industry.

But with the recession in 2009, profits in the car industry took a big hit. Bomnin had always wanted to own his own dealership, but he had a one-year non-compete clause in his contract. He and his wife thought this downturn in the economy would be the perfect time to walk away for a year and prepare to follow their dream.

After the non-compete clause expired, they were able to buy the Dadeland dealership. At the time it was very old. They cleaned it up and refurbished it as a green facility, completed in May 2013. As a company, Bomnin is committed to a green workplace. All purchases are completed on computers with large touch screens for the customers. Sign on the screen, leave with a USB, no papers wasted.

On May 1, 2015 Bomnin's wife Yani and his brother Isidro, joined with him as partners. Following this new partnership, the company has grown from 69 associates to 525; from one franchise to five; from 300 cars sold a week to their best week so far of 1700 cars.
Bomnin says, "We changed the culture and applied a vision. We let God lead us by his hand, pray every morning for his guidance."

At Bomnin, he hopes to stress that every associate (employee) is empowered to do what is right for others including their customers. And in that vein, six associates from Bomnin dealerships were empowered with leadership positions at the new Homestead store.

Bomnin is enthusiastic about the new Homestead location. "I grew up in a farming community similiar to Homestead. I love it here. Our plan is to grow our support of the community, as we have through Craig Pearce who is our community ambassador. Pearce, a volunteer in many Homestead service organizations, brought Bomnin's presence to Homestead last year as the lead sponsor for the Rotary Club of Homestead's Seafood Festival, which raises thousands of scholarship dollars for South Dade students.

"We have been the largest Chevy dealer to the Homestead area, and we can now better serve that community" by being conveniently close by for sales and service.



WASHINGTON - Florida-based Bomnin Chevrolet, founded by a Cuban immigrant in 2010, opened its third location April 11 in Manassas, Virginia, across from the Westgate Plaza, and says it is committed to creating career opportunities for Hispanics.

Bomnin Chevrolet Dadeland was the top Chevy dealer by sales volume in March, according to General Motors. Both Bomnin Chevy Dadeland and its second dealership, Bomnin Chevrolet West Kendall are among the top 10 Chevrolet dealerships in the country. The two locations sold 1,430 new and used vehicles in March.

Arnaldo Bomnin came to Miami after escaping Cuba in 1996, and initially sold seafood out of a truck near a row of dealerships on weekends, landscaped during the day and attended English classes at night.

The general manager of a Miami car dealership offered Bomnin a job selling cars.

After working his way up to general manager at a Chevy dealership, Bomnin acquired Kendall Chevrolet in Miami, his first dealership.

"We are excited to open our doors to the Washington, D.C. area and are ready to become an asset to the community," Bomnin said. I myself am a product of the American dream. To bring our unparalleled work ethic, customer care and success to the capital is an amazing opportunity."

Bomnin says his Manassas dealership will tap into the large Hispanic community to make its management and staff as diverse as possible.

Bomnin Chevrolet Manassas is located at 8000 Sudley Road.


For the second consecutive year, Bomnin Chevrolet will be the presenting sponsor for the St. Jude Walk/Run to End Childhood Cancer in Miami, which will benefit patients and their families at St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. Registration begins at 7 a.m. and the event is scheduled to begin at 8:30 a.m. on Saturday,Oct. 28, at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens.



Most dealership acquisitions occur because someone sees potential to grow that store's business. In the case of his acquisition of Grand Prize Chevrolet, however, Arnaldo Bomnin was looking for more space to service his existing customer base at a nearby Chevrolet dealership.


Bomnin Chevrolet to give away a CAMARO for LIVE LIKE BELLA® FOUNDATION Raffle!
Bomnin Chevrolet in Miami has donated a new, 2017 Chevrolet Camaro for a raffle this Saturday, which will benefit the Live Like Bella® foundation.
The Camaro will be raffled off during Live Like Bella's 3rd Annual Superhero 5k Run/Walk at Zoo Miami. Raffle tickets can be purchased at the event or online by visiting //

to the Bomnin Chevrolet West Kendall
for achieving GM Green Dealer recognition in 2017!


SOUTHWEST MIAMI-DADE, FLA. (WSVN) - A South Florida foundation is bringing Christmas to sick children at Nicklaus Children's Hospital.
The Live Like Bella Foundation, along with Bomnin Chevrolet, has been collecting toys to donate to pediatric cancer patients at Nicklaus Children's Hospital this holiday season.....

Bomnin Chevrolet in Miami acquired Grand Prize Chevrolet in West Kendall, Florida on Friday expanding their footprint in the Miami area.

Bomnin Chevrolet, owned by Cuban immigrant Arnaldo Bomnin, celebrates the death of Fidel Castro. with capitalism:
Employees stay, and the business takes off...Arnaldo Bomnin surrounds himself with people he knows well and who know him.

For example, the sales manager Bomnin reported to when he first started as a salesperson at a Nissan store in Miami in 1996 now is his Internet manager at Bomnin Chevrolet, also in Miami.

He and his new-car manager go way back, as well. Bomnin hired him to sell cars in 2001 when Bomnin was sales manager at a Miami Chevrolet dealership.

Bomnin met these people and others who are now managers at his dealership shortly after November 1996, when he started selling new vehicles at South Motors Nissan during the day and attending school at night to learn English. That was just five months after he immigrated to the U.S. from Pinar del Rio, Cuba.